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Your Connection to Mounted Combat in Vietnam



Cavalry in Vietnam


AirCav in Vietnam


Hosted by Veterans of
1st Squadron, 4th United States Cavalry

Here comes the Cavalry! That cry has distressed enemies and heartened
friends throughout history. The cavalry's mobility and shock action has
turned looming defeat into victory, sure death into life and renewed hope.

But it has come at great cost. We who have been there fervently wish better
for future generations and hope that in some way our project of providing
extensive information on cavalry will contribute to world peace.

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At This Site:

Maps, Photos, S-3 logs, Summaries, After Action Reports, Morning Reports, Interviews...

An on-going project to present original materials and recollections of
cavalry troopers in combat.

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This hub site links you to:


1st Squadron, 4th Cavalry:

Home page of the 1st Squadron, 4th US Cavalry

(Mike O'Connor)


of the 1st Squadron,4th Cavalry
(Bill Baty)


D Troop (AIR) 1st Squadron, 4thCavalry
(Dave Fesmire)


Adrian Edward Sigler
(Pam Blackwell)


A Troop 1st Squadron 4th Cavalry
My Tour with Second Platoon
June 1967 to June 1968
( Dan Thompson)


Bob Towers' Vietnam pages
HHT and A Troops
Images from all over the AO

(Bob Towers)

Forth Cavalry Group, WWII
Normandy Invasion Arrowhead / Normandy / Northern France
Rhineland / Ardennes / Central Europe

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Your connection to personal attention,
and a collection of pictures by QuarterCav Vietnam veterans.

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Operational Control Units:

Included are units over which we exercised operational control, or to which the squadron or any of its units were opcon.

1st Aviation Battalion

The 11th Armored Cavalry's Veterans of Vietnam & Cambodia

2nd Battalion (Mechanized) 2nd Infantry(Bandits)

2/34th Armor Laager Site (Dreadnaught)

3rd Squadron, 4th Cavalry (25th Inf Div.)

16th Infantry Regiment (Iron Rangers)

18th Infantry Regiment

26th Infantry Regiment (Bluespaders)

28th Infantry Association(Black Lions)

82nd Airborne Division

F Company, 52nd Inf (LRP) - Company I, 75th Rangers

I/75 & F/52 LRP & 1st Div. LRRP

Ranger Recipients Medal of Honor

Supporting Units:


1st avn bn

1st Avn Bde

11th Combat Aviation Group

19th TASS



1st Infantry Division:

Society of the First Infantry Division

Links of Interest


Mounted Combat in Vietnam
by General Donn Starry



Non US units in Vietnam

SITREP The 3rd Cavalry Regiment
Australian CAV in Vietnam
by Gavan Vigar



Sources of information about mounted combat in Vietnam.

The Official Blackhorse Association

The US Cavalry Association: Fort Riley, Kansas.

1st Cavalry Division Association

The Patton Museum of Cavalry and Armor

First Division Museum at Cantigny

Troop B, 4th U.S. Cavalry (Memorial)


The Wall

The Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall Page

The Moving Wall

The Virtual Wall


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