Please see the message thread below.  If you have audio recordings from your time in Vietnam, Ron Halicki has the capability to record those onto a CD (and also provide these recordings to the Research Team web site for everyone’s use for a long time).  His address information is below.  Recommend that you make a copy of the audio and send it to Ron.  Please include information as to date/place (i.e., who, what, when, where, and why (if you know that)).  Please send copies; I’d hate for the original to be lost in the mail.


Please put this up on the web sites so that Troopers who may have audio recordings can send them to Ron.


Skip Bell

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Ron Halicki
Sunday, February 15, 2004 11:43
Carl Bell
Bill Haponski
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Ron Halicki's conversion of tapes to CDs

My address.

Ron halicki
3816 franklin ave.
Dunkirk, new york   14048
716 366 0007       

Don’t delay get tapes to me pronto..

Ron Halicki:
Bill could you send this out to the team.. I will have a machine for about
30 days that converts analog to cd.. Thus.

If anyone has a tape recording from vietnam on any subject , perhaps.. Tapes
back to home.  Or of radio show there, or of radio transmissions.

I could convert them to cd.. 80 minutes long..  Would prefer not to get
original but on cassette but could do reel to reel.. Or could do transfer
for someone from reel to real to cassette to cd..

This could be done for our guys to make cd's just for them without the
intent of keeping a copy for 1/4 cav archives.   In short if personal I'll
make the effort to let it run without listening and send it on back to

I will try to do the tapes that I made from the knox  library interviews and
I will make a copy of the interview I did in the field and the firefight
during which sgt williams was killed.